Humber not deterred from sending students, faculty to US, say admin

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Campus News, Canadian News, News

David Tuchman
Opinion Editor

Humber College’s administration says it is not deterred in sending students or faculty to the United States, following President Trump’s travel restrictions which have led to a string of detainments at the border, specifically profiling Muslims.

Rebecca Fitzgerald, Humber’s international mobility coordinator says the school will comply with the travel advisories on the Canadian government’s website before sending people.

“At the moment, in terms of international travel, the government includes the United States (as acceptable for travel) so Humber still sends faculty lead trips there or internships,” she said.

There are dozens of events, conference and internships in the U.S where students and faculty represent Humber.

Fitzgerald added, “although, any time when going to a country that requires a visa, students normally would have concerns about whether or not they will be vetted, so there will be students who are hesitant to go due to the current administration.”

Some students, indeed, are uncomfortable about travel to the U.S. Rabiah Elamin, a Muslim student whose family came to Canada in the mid-nineties, relayed that anxiety.

“It’s not that I’m scared of going to the U.S. I have friends who are also Muslim who did not have any problems, it’s just that now if I decide to go I am going to be worrying whether or not this will happen to me. It’s kind of scary,” Elamin said

In February and March, Trump signed controversial executive orders banning anyone who comes to a U.S. border or is a descendant of seven Muslim-majority nations. The orders are widely seen as racist, Islamophobic, and unconstitutional and have been blocked by the federal judiciary, although international anxiety remains.

Fitzgerald warned students and faculty alike, that if anyone going out of the country should make sure they know all the local laws.

“Whenever you travel to another country, regardless of where you’re going in the world or whether you’re on a Humber lead trip, your are always subject to local laws,” she said.

“So as a citizen travelling abroad, it is your responsibility to be aware of those laws. If something happens and a student is arrested or detained, Humber would unfortunately not have that much power, it’s the government.”