Humber partners with Kenyan polytechnic to develop curriculum

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Life

Elesha Nicholls
Life Reporter

Humber College recently made international ties with Kisumu National Polytechnic, an institute of technology in Kenya.

Leading the partnership between the two schools was Dr. Farzad Rayegani, Dean of the School of Applied Technology.

Rayegani worked closely with faculty from Kisumu National Polytechnic to develop a curriculum that would suit not only the school itself, but the needs of Kenya’s Education for Employment Project (KEFEP).

KEFEP is a five-year initiative focused on strengthening and supporting technical and vocational education in Kenya.

“Many factors were taken into account when creating this curriculum,” Rayegani said. “We spoke to people within the industry in Kenya, who then told us what skill sets students would need once having graduated in order to be successful.”

“Another critical part that we had to take into account was the labs and the environment this curriculum would be taught in,” he said.

Rayegani successfully developed a course in Plant Operations and Maintenance which models Humber’s approach on having an industry-relevant curriculum.

“More developing countries need programs like KEFEP to help their students gain industry skill sets, and ready them for the work force,” he said.

Rayegani said both ends learn from each other. “We are a global community of educators. It’s a learning experience for everyone involved.”