Humber re-installs emergency off-hook service on campus

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Campus News

Lindsay Wadden

Information Technology Services at Humber College has announced the re-installation of an emergency off-hook service as a campus-wide safety device.

“Emergency off-hook is a unified communication service which allows students to contact security by taking a telephone off the hook,” says Ryan Burton, director of I.T. Planning and Client Services. “By taking the phone off the hook for a few seconds, it will alert security in the designation you are at where urgent assistance is needed.”

The telephones are located in classrooms, labs, and learning spaces. Humber is working towards putting telephones throughout the campus to make this service easier to access.

Burton said that if something is happening and you are unable to communicate with someone for help, getting even momentarily to a phone will let you summon security.

Rob Kilfoyle, director of Public Safety and Emergency Management, said that Humber security treats all alerts as emergencies.

“Safety is personal; it could feel unsafe to you but not to someone else,” said Kilfoyle. He said that students should trust their instincts. If they don’t feel safe or something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

First year industrial design student Luka Thurlbeck is happy to hear that the Emergency Off-hook Service is available in the classrooms at school.

“I live on residence so I often come to the school later at night to finish assignments, so knowing that Humber has a service that is as simple as taking a phone off a hook makes me feel very comfortable coming to the school late at night alone,” said Thurlbeck.

The campus has over 800 surveillance cameras and security guards inside and outside the college 24/7 to further ensure the safety of staff and students.

A search on Humber’s website, “security on campus,” will turn up a number of other safety measures being used.