Humber releases new teaching tool Ensemble

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Biz/Tech, Campus News, Lakeshore, North

Elvin George


Humber’s Academic and Educational Technology Committee has continued expanding its teaching methods by introducing its new video streaming service, Ensemble.

Ensemble is exclusively for Humber faculty and staff, allowing them to upload and share their work with other faculty members and use it as an educational tool for students.

Darren Richards, manager of Creative Productions at Humber, was involved in creating the video service. He says he’s excited by its ability to provide students another learning platform.

“Faculty can upload and share their own educational content to the Blackboard servers,” Richards said. “They can use this as a tool to share their information to the students in class.”

Richards said Ensemble is a pilot project and will help Humber as a community. It is still in the early stages and is intended to expand.

“It will help demonstrate potential,” Richards said. “It will grow, the number of videos uploaded to the platform will grow.”

Richards thinks all of Humber will benefit from Ensemble in a big way and that there is a lot of room for potential growth as the platform gets used more.

Vincent Ngo, 22 a fourth year business student, feels optimistic about the new Humber project.

“I like how Humber is expanding in areas you can’t think of,” Ngo said. “Students learn a lot from the instructor’s lessons in class. If students will be able to have access to the videos to get a better understanding of the lecture, it would be phenomenal.”

Ngo is confident Ensemble will grow year after year.

“I know I’ll be gone after this year, but I’m sure Ensemble will be an incredible teaching tool for instructors and amazing resource for students,” Ngo said.

Ensemble allows the faculty to share videos on social media through hyperlinks. Staff members can select videos or playlists for the students to watch through Blackboard.

John Petrakos, a second year Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning student, is confident this project will be crucial for students in his field.

“HVAC students will love Ensemble because they can watch their instructors perform certain tasks not only in class but also videos to refer from,” Petrakos said.