Humber Rez cafeteria’s quality and convenience much improved

by | Sep 26, 2014 | News

Haley Falco
Residence Reporter

Humber’s residence cafeteria offers a variety of food intended to cater to a range of dietary needs, said food service employee Harman Brar.
“We also take into consideration that some of the students are vegetarian and we have options accordingly, and then we also have the nutrition chart because some people tend to watch figure or calories,” Brar said.
The cafeteria offers a wide range of snacks along with main meals.
A residence cafeteria manager said residents fill out an annual survey to help staff decide which foods should stay and which should go for the following year.
New to the cafeteria this year is a high-tech soft drink machine with many choices of different flavoured sodas.
“It’s basically this touch screen vending machine where you just select your brand and then select your flavour and it’ll dispense some pop, ” said third year media studies student, Devan Godfrey.
Pizza Pizza is another new addition for which students are lining up, a mixed blessing, said Godfrey.
“Before, I had to walk all the way over to Humber to get Pizza Pizza. Whereas now everyone on rez can just grab their own pizza and just head down to the cafe to pay for it. Unfortunately, it’s a little inconvenient if I’m trying to be a little more conscious of what I eat. It’s definitely not the best option for a person like me,” Godfrey said.
Though students may complain about food prices, the quality of food and the convenience of the cafeteria have improved, said Brar.
“It’s in the same place. You just come down; you don’t have to walk out the building. It’s just about a few steps away,” Brar said.
Godfrey is an Resident Assistant in R building and said his floor’s residents
“really enjoy the food options.”
His floor enjoys buying the portable Kraft Dinner, which is a quick and easy meal, he said.
A greater berry selection would assist student with balancing their fruit and veggie intake, said second- year spa management student Sam Karounos.
Karounos’ food patterns have not changed since she moved in, she said.
The cafeteria is spotless and “the cafe ladies are fun,” said Karounos.