Humber Spa helps Ghana school organisation

by | Oct 3, 2014 | Biz/Tech

Rebecca Pilozo-Melara
Biz/Tech Reporter

The Humber Spa’s second annual ROPAK event is nearly approaching and it is expecting to exceed last year’s budget.

ROPAK Educational Complex in Ghana is an organization that helps develop schools and strives to provide students with tuition. Last year, Humber donated more than $3,600 that went to renovating a school in Ghana. The money donated was used to build flooring, construct a staff common room, build a future computer lab, and renovate one of the classrooms.

Additionally, ROPAK was able to build a library, paint the front of the school and electrical work was done for the future use of technology used in the school.

Lastly, some students’ fees were paid so they could attend the school.

The ROPAK fundraiser will take place at the Humber spa where clients who book an appointment, with a minimum of $50 services, can get pampered while giving back. Clients have the option of purchasing raffle tickets for $10, for a chance to win prizes.

The prizes will include items from athletics, skincare, and cosmetics products. All proceeds of the $50 services go towards renovating a school in Ghana and each raffle ticket purchased provides a student with an education, for one year.

Delia Fiorante, Assistant Spa Manager at the Humber Spa, says last year Nancy Simms, Director of Centre for Human Rights, approached the Humber Spa to do a charitable event. Fiorante mentions that getting the students within the Humber esthetician/spa management program involved teaches them the importance of giving back.

The Humber Spa is a luxurious spa that the esthetician/spa management students use to gain experience in their field.  “Standard isn’t what we strive for. It shows in the way the place is kept and we always try to stay ahead,” says Fiorante.

Fiorante adds that she wants to ensure everyone who attends the Humber Spa gets that “destination spa feel” and additionally says, “it’s a place where people can come and see what we have here is fabulous.”

Jackie Thai, Humber general arts and sciences graduate, talks about her previous experience she had at the Humber Spa and says, “The staff is really nice. Everything is well organized and they treated me really nice.” Thai adds that she would return again because, “It benefits everybody, and it’s a great cause.”

Spa lab technologist, Sarah Muzzatti, 31, mentions that she hopes for more students to come out to the event this year and said, “I think it’s important for the students to reach out to their fellow students. It feels good to do something nice for somebody.”

This year, the ROPAK fundraising event will take place on October 8 from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and clients are asked to book an appointment prior to the event date.