Humber Student Awards promises a taste of Chocolate

by | Apr 10, 2015 | News

Christiana Chan

General Assignment Reporter

It’s that time of the year again to celebrate the outstanding members of the Humber community.

This year Humber has made a record amount of nominations.

“We were expected to have about 35 nominees but we got 80 plus,” said Jasmyn Ellis, chair of the Student Appreciation Awards.

This year’s Student Appreciation Awards Slogan is “Pure Imagination for Humber Appreciation,” the theme will be revolved around the Wonka Chocolate factory.

Wonka himself will be there, while attendees enjoy chocolate inspired food.

“I’m excited to see everything come together, it’s a pretty creative theme we are going for, and the food is going to be amazing,” said Ellis.

This year’s Student Appreciation Awards Banquet will take place on Monday, April 13 at Humber’s North Campus in the seventh semester.

The banquet is free, and open to any Humber students.

“It’s important to recognize the students who have done great contributions to our community and acknowledge them,” said Shanice Donker, a second-year Public Relations student at Humber.

“Whether students, faculty members, or staff, everyone has a purpose in what they contribute,” said Donker.

Nominees can be students who demonstrate selfless dedication in the following categories, Social or Cultural Events, Athletic Achievement, Special Events, and Peer Mentoring and Support.

“I think that Humber has world class students, who go about and beyond their responsibilities. It’s good to have those students recognized,” said Nancy Marino-Benn, a faculty member of the event.

Marino-Benn has been helping run the Student Appreciation Awards for about 10 years.

A committee consisting of past recipients and representatives from the Humber Students’ Federation, Student Success & Engagement, and Guelph-Humber, will help select recipients of the award.

Recipients will receive a certificate of appreciation, along with a sculpture or plaque.