Humber student Luka Toma an electronic music star at just 19

by | Oct 10, 2015 | A&E

Jimmy Kakish
A&E Reporter

Luka Toma seems to blend in while roaming the halls of Humber College, but on music streaming website SoundCloud, his work stands out.

The 19-year old Humber College broadcast television-videography student is a budding music producer operating under the alias of LUKAV. In the realm of electronic music, the name is highly revered by loyal fans and heavily endorsed by big-name producers around the world.

“I have support from Party Thieves (New York), Skellism (Los Angeles), Andres Fresko (Miami), Damn Kids (Toronto), and tons of others that are killing the game,” Toma said.

“It’s cool too because these guys are people I look up to, but they also become your friends. Being able to share music with them and receive feedback is an awesome feeling,” he said.

As the end of the month nears, all 6,300 of his SoundCloud followers are eagerly awaiting the release of his new song called Reaper, described as both eerie and aggressive. It’s set to release through his SoundCloud page on Halloween and is rumored to be worth the wait.

“People are going to go wild when this track is released,” said his friend A.J. Struthmann, who is also a Humber broadcast-television videography student. “[Toma] has been working on this track for some time now and the release will be a very memorable one.”

However, as enjoyable as the song was to make, Toma admits the basis on which this piece was created proved itself to be the very opposite.

“Recently I’ve been going through some stuff personally and I put the energy I was feeling into this track,” he said. “It’s got a creepy orchestral feel break with an extremely hard-hitting drop. This track’s one to start mosh pits [at live performances] and I’m excited to see the response [it] gets once it’s released,” Toma said. “It’s my favorite one yet.”

Toma’s music is a vessel for his troubles and frustrations. It harbors his demons that seem to find rest only through creation and the refuge that his devoted fans have found within his music. He relishes every bit of it.

“I’m having fun doing something I love, while making others happy too,” Toma said. “I’ve had people I don’t even know message me telling me my music got them through hard times in life.”

It’s those kinds of messages that make all the time Toma invests in his craft worthwhile.

“Receiving messages like that makes me feel like I’m doing something right,” Toma said.

By all indications, Toma is on the right track, being consistently venerated for his originality and  laser-beam focus on his goals.

“I like that he’s doing what he likes,” said his roommate Dave Weir. “He doesn’t focus on musical trends, he does his own thing.”

Reaper is the first of many in a string of singles and remixes set to release via Toma’s SoundCloud page over the course of the next few months.