Humber students create EP to share talents

by | Nov 18, 2016 | A&E

Gabriela Argueta


Humber music grads hit the studio to create EP for Sonic Identities exhibit.

Humber Bachelor of Music graduate students are leaving their mark with a final project like no other. Students produce an EP of their own music, showing their creativity and musicianship within the music industry.

The Sonic Identities exhibit, held in the Humber L Space gallery, gives students an opportunity to interact with the space and listen to different music projects.

From R&B to country music, the exhibit has individual listening stations for students to listen to more than one genre of music.

The exhibit also featured replicas of studio layouts. Sound equipment, audio recording programs and interactive beat-making equipment was set up for students to recognize the process of music making.

“This exhibit gives artists a professional platform to showcase their works,” said Humber graphic design student Jacqueline Simpson, “the music that each of these students created is so diverse from each other.“

“The end project gives a sense of accomplishment to these aspiring musicians,” Simpson said.

Graduating students use these creations to show their music production skills and give light to their talents.

Full time music production faculty Andrew Mullin said the exhibit is a “less typical” way for students to share their work.

“Our exhibit is about listening and visualizing sonically,” Mullin said.

“Those who complete the project communicate themselves through this work, hence why most musicians and artists create,” he said.

In hopes that students will relate to the musical projects, Mullin wants visitors to enjoy the art and let it resonate.

“Anytime you encounter art it can resonate emotionally,” Mullin said, “this exhibit gives students a chance to see what art comes out of Humber and a chance to watch these upcoming artists develop.”

The exhibit is running till Dec.16, to give students an opportunity at listening to music created in their own school. For more information on the exhibit and featured artists, visit the Sonic Identities at Humber Lakeshore L Space.