Humber to hold open tryouts for baseball, fastball

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Sports, Varsity

Kheon Clarke
Sports Reporter

In an attempt to find some talent to fill out their roster, the Humber men’s baseball and women’s fastball teams will be holding an open tryout.

Jim Bialek, manager of athletics and sports information, said the March 23 tryout is an opportunity to let current students know that they have baseball and softball teams.

“It’s also an opportunity to entertain those people looking at Humber College for a baseball and softball destination of their choice in the future,” Bialek said.

Bialek says there’s no charge for the tryout, and it’s an opportunity to come out and get some work in before their season starts.

“The biggest thing for the coaches to the potential of players coming into the Hawks baseball and softball teams.

“It’s ultimately a chance to assess and prepare for the next season and showcase Humber,” Bialek said.

James Depoe, Humber Hawk’s baseball pitching coach, said by the first weekend of school they are already playing league games.

“We miss a lot of potential student athletes that don’t really know about the program, so this is just to get some awareness going forward next year and look at some early talent,” said Depoe.

He also said as the pitching coach, he is looking for pitchers that have a lot of throwing discipline.

“I like strike throwers,” said Depoe. “I’m not really dazzled by guys that can throw really hard, if you have no control then I’m not really interested.”

Depoe said the season is short and with the turnover they have with certificates and diplomas, he doesn’t have time to re-work a person’s throwing mechanics.

“They have to be sort of game ready right when they walk in the door,” said Depoe. “If they are composed, have a strong mound presence, change speeds and throw strikes, then that’s what I’m looking for.”

Duaine Bowles, a former Humber Hawks baseball player, team MVP, and current women’s softball assistant coach, said the baseball workout helped him showcase his talents for the team.

“I went to the open workout and it was one of those things where I had already played college baseball at another institution, so the coaches had already known what kind of player I was,” Bowles said.

Bowles said with the women’s workout he hopes to assess what they have to work with for talent.

“More or less, we’re trying to identify what kind of players we have at the high school level in the GTA,” Bowles said.