Humber town hall discusses future sustainability

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Campus News, News, North

Zainab Zaman, News Reporter

Humber’s Office of Sustainability opened its doors for students and faculty to discuss their visions and plans for a sustainable future on campus.

The Office of Sustainability hosted the Town Hall event last week. Students took part in an interactive survey and workshop that will help the new Sustainability Plan for the next five years at Humber.  

Tayler Buchanan, communications and events assistant at the Office of Sustainability, said its important for students to engage.

“Humber is a school for the students, its super important when students join events and tell us their plans for sustainability so that we can improve,” she said.

“By joining, you are a voice for the student side of sustainability,” Buchanan said.

The town hall explored the current priorities on campus on sustainable transportation, water use, recycling ,waste management and co-curricular activities.

The office will fulfill most of the ideas students suggest based on ranking.

“We asked everyone to rank what issues are most important to them, then narrow it down and focus on the top five ideas students want and work on achieving those goals first,” Buchanan told the workshop.

Students worked as a group and talked about the issues regarding food waste and plans on incorporating sustainability into their learnings, works and teachings.

The groups developed creative ideas and plans towards a more environmental friendly campus such as reduce printing paper, advertising events online and recycling food on campus.

Casandra Mohamed, a second year business and management student, understands the need to interact and involve with events at Humber which impacts student life.

“I had absolutely no idea about the 17 sustainable goals that have been going on,” she said.

“The workshop helped me learn and understand that one person’s actions can impact their learning environment and it’s important to join events like this and bring awareness by taking our actions and making an impact,” Mohamed said.

Amy Chereloy, third year business management student, said she learned a lot about what Humber is already doing about sustainability and the environment on campus with student input.

The Office of Sustainability announced a survey being taken this week for students that focus on which campus groups should the department work with to create the vision of sustainability at Humber a reality.

“We want students to think big, obviously there is issues sometimes in an establishment this large,” Buchanan said.

“That’s why we ask everyone to engage and rank on what is most important because it involves other people not just the office of sustainability, which is an opportunity for more partnership on campus,” she said.

Buchanan said the Office of Sustainability is working on issues repeated by students which includes waste and compose on campus.

“As for what is next for us, one of the biggest things we will focus on is waste and how to sort our waste properly at Humber,” she said.