Humber training Global Citizens

by | Nov 14, 2014 | News

Jalisa Massiah
News Reporter

Humber College has launched a new interdisciplinary program designed to help students become global citizens.

Last year, close to 400 Humber students traveled all around the globe for various reasons.

The Global Citizenship Certificate program is a new initiative, launching this month, that’s available to all Humber students in a diploma, advanced diploma, degree or post-graduate program.

“The program is a four-course online certificate program that’s designed to help students to reflect upon and to recognize their role as a global citizen within today’s interconnected and globally-minded world,” said Rebecca Fitzgerald, manager of International Mobility.

“As a result of completing the program, students will be better positioned to explain that to a potential employer or grad school. Students will be able to apply those skills to their day-to-day lives and future careers,” Fitzgerald said.

The course is offered through Blackboard online, where there are discussion boards, blogging tools, readings and YouTube videos to watch.

“The courses are first an introduction to global citizenship, which will help students to identify for themselves what they believe global citizenship means,” Fitzgerald said. “It’s a wonderful name, title to say, but what does it really mean in your day-to-day life and future career?”

She said each course is three modules in length and is meant to complement current studies, not to take away from them or to be a burden.

Fitzgerald said the courses are taken in conjunction with a student’s current studies.

The second course involves students volunteering 40 hours either on campus or in the local community, Fitzgerald said.

“The online component course will help students to reflect upon community development as well as the ideals of volunteerism,” she said.

A third course allows students to travel overseas during their study.

“In the online component, students will be have pre-departure preparations by researching where they are going to go and creating goals for themselves during the placement,” Fitzgerald said.  “Students who choose not to go overseas but immerse themselves in different communities will also have the opportunity to complete the course.

“The final course will assist students in creating an e-portfolio that they will be able to export from the certificate and show to a potential employer or grad school, or have for themselves,” she said.

Fitzgerald said the Global Citizenship program will be free for students who enroll. Students are eligible to receive a $500 bursary that can be applied to their global experience in the third course.

Valerie Remizova, a second-year student in Hospitality and Tourism Management, said studying in Krems, Austria, made her more tolerant and understanding.

“You find out more about yourself. It’s a great experience. You see how far you can go with social skills. It’s very beneficial,” Remizova said.

Matthew McDonald, an international student advisor, said he encourages students to give the certificate program a shot, to follow and explore it for additional opportunities they might not know about.

“It’s a very structured way to help you develop your competencies and understand what you don’t understand,” he said.