Humber Vegetarian Club supports healthy eating festivals

by | Mar 20, 2015 | News

Kaeleigh Phillips
Environmental Reporter

Students mingled at Ryerson Vegfest trying samples of vegan delicacies and then went home with a free five-pound lush soap mushroom as a parting gift.

Humber students attended the event on March 12, showing their support for environmental events at other schools throughout Toronto.

“We want to share events and clubs over different campuses,” said Kanica Sharma, 21, the executive president of Humber Vegetarian Club and a Humber B-Commerce student. “We want to go to their events and have them come to our events.”

The Humber club is determined to make a difference for students and show healthy alternatives to eating.

“Young people need to be aware of what’s going on with animals, their health and the environment,” the founder of the club and Computer Programing student Andre Cordoba, 29, said. “If we can be aware of this, we will have a better future.”

As well as supporting events at other schools such as Ryerson and York University, the Humber Vegetarian Club also puts on its own events at the college.

It recently hosted an event with several vegan and vegetarian items that were given away to students for free.

“Veggielicious was very successful. It was supposed to be a few hours but we ran out within an hour,” Andre said. “We also tried to spread awareness with a pamphlet.”

The club wants to host more events in the future and bring other campuses and post-secondary institutions on board as well.

“In our group, we have people in Lakeshore and North campuses,” said Sharma “I do have friends who go to York, and we are trying to coordinate sharing more events.”

Ryerson business student Oren Epstein said she’s appreciative of the support from Humber students.

“There is a really great energy here today,” said Epstein, 22. “With any cause, why be segregated from supporting good causes because of the school you go to?”

Epstein hosted on the event with the support of his sponsor and sister, Avra Epstein, the founder of the vegan blog LoveWildLiveFree.

“I think that having more access on campus to more resources is beneficial for the student population,” said Avra. “People gaining exposure to plant-based options are known to reduce stress.”

“If you are fuelling your body with good nutritious food, your chances at success will skyrocket and you exceed your potential,” she said. “I’m lawyer so I was in school for seven years and I definitely understand what it’s like to study non-stop.”

The Ryerson Vegfest had numerous sponsors and freebies for the event, including anti-fur advocators the Make Fur History campaign.