Humber’s cross country coach is expecting something new this year

by | Oct 10, 2015 | Sports

Linda Huynh
Sports Reporter

The life of Humber’s cross-country coach and academic coordinator Monique Hann is heading in a new direction.

The 11-year coordinator, coach and professor at Humber College’s North Campus is expecting her first child. And the finish line is approaching fast.

In her third trimester, Haan is almost ready for her first child and is taking a temporary step back from her position as the Varsity Academic Coordinator and cross-country coach at Humber College as she prepares for her year-long maternity leave.

But Haan’s life hasn’t slowed down despite the big day quickly approaching.

Haan still leads practices and goes for her own runs.

“I’ll be trucking along, doing my workouts and realize, ‘Oh, I’ve got a belly in the way and a baby coming.’ It’s a whole new life change,” she said.

Haan, who lives close to campus, said she hopes to be around the gym working out after her little munchkin arrives. Expected to deliver in less than two weeks Haan is fighting through her short time left here at Humber.

“It’s a daunting but exciting change. I’m really going to miss all the student athletes and the environment I’m surrounded by,” said Haan.

Darren Mancini, a recent graduate of Humber College and four-year cross-country athlete said Haan deserves the break and will make a great mother. Mancini said Haan is the reason he stayed for a second program at Humber.

“She was my coach and basically my mentor. She took the time to understand each athlete,” said Manchini.

Haan spends most of her days in her office located in the Varsity Academic Centre, a space reserved just for athletes to do homework. She said the first two months of the school year is always a struggle, especially for first-year students trying to juggle sports and their schoolwork at the same time.

With the help of Crystal Pole-Langdon, Haan’s replacement for the year, Haan introduced a new workshop for first year athletes. This workshop focuses on long-term academic success for these students, tracking marks and setting goals.

Pole-Langdon, a former student of Haan’s, is excited to broaden her career at Humber. Working as the Program Support Officer at the school of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism, Pole-Langdon said she usually mentors larger crowds, which is different from Haan’s work.

“I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to work with a smaller group, especially student athletes,” said Pole-Langdon.

Aside from being in the office all day, Haan spends her whatever free time she has coaching the varsity cross-country team with Teresa Arnini, who is also the High Performance Coordinator at Humber College.

“Monique is a very focused, determined female. Being an athlete herself, she knows the commitment and focus has to be there, even though there’s outside things that affect you as an athlete,” said Arnini.

Arnini and Haan have coached side by side for nine years, claiming six gold medal championships during that time.

“The season will still go, but her absence will be missed. She’s one of our biggest supporters,” Arnini said.