Humber’s eight-game win streak ends on Senior Night

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Sports, Varsity

By Analia Sordi

What was supposed to be a memorable Senior Night for Humbers’ veteran men’s basketball players turned into a forgettable one. Lack of execution led to the Hawks 63-75 loss against the Niagara Knights on Wednesday night.

It was a relatively low scoring first quarter from both teams. The teams were playing well defensively with 13 rebounds for the Knights and 12 rebounds for the Hawks.

Niagara’s productive offense set the pace for what was to come, as Humber went down to a 12-point deficit. Knight’s sharpshooter Lequan Hylton was three-for-four from downtown with 11 points, two rebounds and two assists by halftime.

Niagara aggressively held onto the lead throughout the third quarter. Humber showed some sprit, but they were having trouble sinking buckets.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Hawks cut the deficit to four points but their offensive struggle continued, which helped the Knights capture a win at the nest for the first time in 34 years.

“A hard-fought game. We got a lot of defensive stops but we just couldn’t score on the offensive end, which led them to ultimately leading the game,” said Gibson Eduful.

Eduful, Tyrone Dickson and Ancil Martin played their final regular season home game at Humber. Eduful finished with nine points, eight rebounds and eight assists and Martin recorded 15 points. Meanwhile, Dickson was the Man of the Match for Humber as he recorded a double-double with 16 points, 15 rebounds and six blocks.

“I think that Humber has a fantastic team and we were able to control most of the game, so the pressure was more on them to catch up. I’m just glad we were able to maintain the lead throughout the game,” said Knights head coach Keith Vassell.

The Hawks will now be heading on road for the remainder of the season. Assistant coach James DePoe hopes the team will turn things around against the Mohawk Mountaineers on Jan. 28.

“We know our West Division is very tough so I think we just kind of take the loss, let it hurt a little bit and hopefully it motivates them to flip it around and use it as motivation.”