Campus food services back on track after Dinesafe infractions

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Campus News, News

Michael Thomas
Life Reporter

Humber’s food eateries are back in the green after multiple Dinesafe infractions were issued earlier this year.

On-campus food diners across Toronto’s colleges were cited with various violations by Toronto Public Health (TPH) inspectors. A Citytv News investigation into the food safety records of upwards of 925 infractions at all post-secondary institutions in the city.

“Significant infractions in food premises are those violations that present a potential health hazard. These items must be corrected within 24 to 48 hours or legal action may be taken,” said Associate Director at Toronto Public Health Sylvanus Thompson.

“A food premises with significant infractions will be issued with a conditional pass and a re-inspection conducted within 24, 48 hours,” Thompson said. “A food premises cannot get a pass if significant infractions are present.”

All infractions at Humber eateries have been corrected and they received passes.

The Ackee Tree Dynamite Jamaican Jerk, Starbucks and Humber Room eateries at North campus all received violation notices in January for failing to provide hand washing supplies.

Ackee Tree also received infractions for failing to provide supplies at sinks, while Starbucks failed to properly maintain rooms, while the Lakeshore campus’ Lake Café was flagged with minor infractions for failing to properly maintain equipment and rooms in September.

Ackee Tree owner Chris George acknowledged the violation and said he made the necessary corrections immediately adding he is still here after 25 years of serving the students at the college.

George said one of his workers mistakenly put the hand sanitation liquid in the wrong position which earned Ackee Tree its violation.

“Health inspectors are here to do their job, and are here to teach us, we all have our food handling course, and over the years we learn as procedures changes,” he said.

Starbucks manager Lawrence Ong declined to comment when asked for an interview.

Thompson has a warning for restaurants with repeat offences.

“Legal action can be taken for continued non-compliance and repeat offenders can be referred to the Toronto Licensing Tribunal,” he said. “The tribunal is a quasi-judicial body that adjudicates on matters referred to it and has the authority to revoke, suspend or impose conditions on a business licence.”

TPH’s database, DineSafe, contains all food safety inspections results for the city establishments and is available online.

Other eateries that had violations include the Tim Hortons at Centennial College on 941 Progress Avenue, the Subway at Seneca College at York University on 70 The Pond Road, and George Brown Cafeteria in the Casa Loma campus at George Brown College on 160 Kendal Avenue.