Humber’s Gratitude Wall holds many stories to be told

by | Nov 11, 2016 | News

Aleema Ali


Humber North campus Gratitude Hall was transformed Tuesday night for a Donor Event that drew more than 200 people.

College President and CEO Chris Whitaker recognized both recent and long-time donors who have been contributing to Humber since its opening in 1967.

The donors’ names are now on the wall of the hall in the new Learning Resource Centre, paying tribute to such past and present donors as TD Canada Trust, Chartwells, Sirius XM and other companies along with individual families.

Plaques are categorized in four different levels based on the amount donated: gold, silver, light bronze and bronze. The display is interactive with four large touch screens that make it easy to learn about the donors.

Whitaker said the success of the event exceeded all expectations, meeting the goal of reminding donors that the school and its students appreciate the contributions they’ve made.

“We want to pay tribute to them by having the donor wall, so they can find themselves. They’re also role models for our students and recent graduates from the college,” Whitaker said.

He said every donor on the wall has his or her own story, and Sadia Butt’s is one to be told.

The 2007 business grad was hampered by sight impairment and her dad asked the school what could be done to help her. Business School Dean Alvina Cassiani suggested enlarging notes for Butt.

Butt’s father was touched by the school’s efforts and wanted to make a donation in his daughter’s name.

Butt said the company she works for now, Jaapharm Canada Incorporated, has also become a donor for Humber with her name on the plaque.

“It’s a very good feeling seeing my name on the wall,” Butt said.

The design of the wall by Entro Communications depicts the Humber River where each tile represents a stone in the riverbed and the students are the water.

Adelia Marchese, annual programs and alumni relations manager, said one of the reasons the wall was made was to show donors the gratitude they deserve.

She said although the wall has four levels of monetary value, it’s really about showing how every donor means so much to the college.

Some donors are actively involved with the college, such as Chartwells, the on-campus dining partner, which contributes culinary equipment as well as funds.