Humber’s Orangeville campus hoping for more HSF events

by | Oct 24, 2014 | News

Natalia Vega
HSF Reporter

Humber College’s North and Lakeshore campuses host Humber Students’ Federation events at least twice a week but the size and location of Orangeville campus can make it difficult to keep up.

Dylan Rudder, HSF vice president of student life at Lakeshore campus, said there was a reason Orangeville had only hosted a couple events so far this school year.

Rudder said finding space at Orangeville campus to host events puts them at a disadvantage.

“There’s no real facility at the Orangeville campus to host events,” he said.

“Even the Lake and North campuses (have been) at a shortage of events (compared to) normal because of the fact that we were trying to push (HSF) elections,” Rudder said.

Orangeville campus opened in 2007 and now offers four full-time programs to students: Early Childhood Education, Fitness and Health Promotion, Police Foundations and Social Service Worker

Victoria Mathieson, HSF clubs coordinator, said they have events at Orangeville about twice a month and also do pop-up events, which have included giving away free t-shirts earlier this month and a free tea in September.

“They have a murder mystery event coming up at the end of this month and they had pub night last month,” Mathieson said. “So we do try to bring as much as we can to them and (for) what we can’t bring to them we provide transportation.”

First-year Fitness and Health Promotion student at Orangeville campus Nigel Rubieo, 19, said he feels like they’re almost forgotten about because their campus is so small in comparison to the other campuses.

“North and Lakeshore are so massive and they get these huge events that are so big and we get events too, but it’s almost like we get smaller events,” Rubieo said. “We don’t really have as much stuff to do around here.”

Orangeville Board of Directors member Kayla McTaggart said she understands why Orangeville doesn’t see as many events as North or Lakeshore campuses.

“It’s unfortunate but it does make sense because we are a smaller campus,” she said. “I know that the other students feel as though it sucks and they want the other events but a lot of us don’t really understand that the funding isn’t necessarily there for us to do that.”

Another Orangeville student, Jessica Bradley, 18, is a first-year Social Service Worker student who is content with the events at Orangeville.

“I think the events are 10  times better when we do have them because we’re so close already. I know a lot of people would say that they do want more events happening but I don’t think that the events we do have are degraded in anyway,” said Bradley.

“They are just as exciting as they would be in Toronto, because of the tight knit family that we have here,” she said.