IGNITE and We Got Game host FIFA tournament

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Sports

Christian Fernando


A crowd surrounds Sports Management student Michael Kamiski and Business Administration student Fernando Marchione as they play the final round of the Ignite FIFA video game tournament last Wednesday at Humber North campus.

The winner of the tournament walks away with two tickets to a Toronto Maple Leafs game.

Not managing to best each other in regular time or overtime as they both had scored two goals, the winner was  determined by penalty kicks. The crowd oohed and aahed as Kamiski and Marchione took turns shooting and blocking.

The game was close. Both players matched each other’s saves and goals until Kamiski missed the net causing him to fall into a position of sudden death. Marchoine was one goal away from winning.

The room went quiet as Marchoine positioned his avatar. He shot and scored, and is on his way to the ACC.

Marchoine as the victor claimed the Leaf tickets prize while runner up Kamiski was awarded with two $25 Tim Hortons .

The victory wasn’t just luck. Marchoine plays FIFA around 20 hours a week. He said he enjoys spending his free time between classes at the games room.

“I think it brings Humber together as a community and adds a lot of fun between class,” Marchoine said.

He will be taking his girlfriend to the Leafs’ game with his winning tickets.

Yaseen Abdi, a first year business management student finished in third place, winning a $25 David’s Tea gift card which he says he likely give to his sister.

Abdi said he believes he would have made it to the finals if his match did not go to penalty shots. That’s his admitted weak point.

The tournament this week consisted of 14 participants, while the sister competition at Lakeshore had only four participants.

The event was hosted by Ignite but run by the company We Got Game, which hosts professional console events.

“We go to different colleges and host events like this, so today we’re doing a campus versus campus event, so the students from this campus, the winner, will play against the other campus,” said We Got Game organizer Chris Ryan.

Throughout the tournament Ignite staff promoted a fair play environment and made sure the participants were not disturbed as they played their matches.