IGNITE ELECTION: Presidential candidate Monica Khosla

by | Mar 3, 2018 | Campus News, IGNITE, Lakeshore, North, Orangeville

Vannesia Crayton
Arts Reporter

Third-year business administration student Monica Khosla and IGNITE presidential candidate says she’s confident she has what it takes to get the job done and improve the organization’s vision for the student body.

Khosla currently works for Humber North’s Student Success and Engagement department and said she can bring that experience to the new position. Her vision is to have a well-rounded student government that supports inclusiveness and is more interactive.

“I want to see more people get involved and take as many opportunities as they can to network and experience new things during their time here at Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber,” she said.

Being involved in campus life, Khosla feels her positive work ethic, passion and open-mindedness will help her change her fellow students’ experiences at Humber.

“The students’ post-secondary experience shouldn’t just be going to class and then going home right after,” Khosla said. “This school has so many diverse individuals to build connections with and start new friendships.”

She said if elected as president she wants nothing more than to build a strong relationship with the student body.

“I am most passionate about helping my peers, what I’m working for is for their benefits,” Khosla said. “I’m always going to put them first and in multiple ways, do my best to be there for them.

“I want to make an impact while contributing to their growth,” she said. “There’s only one me but a million of them so they come first.”
Khosla believes her motto “#Lesstalkingmoredoing!” represents all that she is about in terms of executing the necessary changes needed for the student government.

“A lot of people can talk, but I am all about action, and deliverance,” she said. “The things that I am advocating for will hard without a doubt, I will try my hardest to implement them in this new role.”

“I am advocating for students and their needs regarding bursaries, accessibility and medical plans just to name a few,” Khosla said.

She said honesty is the best policy. People often hold high positions but when they cannot deliver promised changes, they do not tell the student body, Khosla said.

“You won’t always get to fulfil what certain people want but I definitely know that I promise transparency at all times,” she said. “Being transparent with the students even if the things that I promised cannot come to life, I will always be in constant communications to let them know what exactly is going on.”

Khosla said not being transparent causes trust between student government and the student body to break down.

Khosla wants the student body to vote for who they feel have their best interest at heart.

“If you vote for me, I promise to have your voice heard,” she said. “I will try my hardest to put all your concerns and needs into action.”