IGNITE holds “you do you boo,” clubs fair

by | Oct 14, 2016 | News

Matthew Owczarz

News Reporter

Humber club ambassadors filled the North campus student centre for IGNITE’s annual club fair to anchor display booths on Tuesday.

The annual fair allows campus clubs to promote themselves face-to-face with students in a social environment rather than just online.

“Our clubs program this year is called ‘You Do You, Boo’, so whatever you’re interested in, you do it,” said Ammar Abdul-Raheem, IGNITE vice-president of student life at Humber North campus. “We’re really going out to students and telling them that there are no limits on what you can start because we support out clubs.

“We support the passions of our students,” he said.

Students stopped by in clusters to check out the diverse selection of clubs available to join at the fair, which ran from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“The fair’s looking good so far,” said Josue Morales, a general arts and science student, “There’s a good variety and I think I might try to join more than one club.”

The variety of clubs that made an appearance included the Dungeons and Dragons Club, the Humber Football Club, and even Humber’s first Pie club.

Our club is called the Pie Appreciation and Development Society,” said Justice Studies student Alex Lastewka. “Basically, we’re going to be meeting once a month to appreciate pie, discuss pie and, of course, eat pie.”

The club booths had various handouts, posters and even treats in order to gain the attention of potential members.

“I hope to gather new members and hopefully create a membership,” said Sports Management student, and member of the Humber football club Johnny Stancati. “We have 100 likes on our Facebook page and I’m hoping that when our first session starts that we have 100 people show up.”

“What I love about the clubs fair is that it’s at such a collision with the student body being located where it is,” Abdul-Raheem said. “The Student Centre is where a lot of people walk through and a lot of people are walking through now and going to the club fair and discovering and exploring things that they wouldn’t have otherwise seen on campus.”

Any student who wasn’t able to find a club that sparked their interest at IGNITE’s club fair was encouraged to start their own club.

Students can go online to fill out an application. They need to have two student executives attached to their proposed group, obtain 10 members and email the IGNITE club’s coordinator in order to start a club, Abdul-Raheem said.