IGNITE hosts their first eSports tournament

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Life

Andy Jn.Baptiste
Life Reporter

Fingers flitted over controllers as IGNITE hosted its first eSports Tournament on Oct. 24.

Battles on screens pitting about 200 people against each other involved sports, fantasy worlds and shoot-outs in the Student Centre at North campus.

The prize was tickets to pro sports games.

“Video games are really popular all around the world and to host a tournament at Humber College is very entertaining, and it gives gamers a strong chance in something they are good at,” said Marlon Peters, IGNITE event coordinator.

But there’s also an ulterior motive to hosting the games.

“Video games are really popular and Humber is trying to form an eSports team,” he said.

Peters said he’s been passionate about video games, especially eSports.

He said he finds gaming “very intriguing” as a confidence builder. Peters said he always wanted to host an event where gamers could enjoy themselves and feel encouraged when playing.

The tournament featured games such as Fortnite, Dragon Ball Z Fighters, Smash, NBA 2k19 and FIFA 19. The tournament was streamed live on Twitch — a live streaming video platform — where many watched their competitors in the gaming events.

Participants face-off against each other in elimination rounds until there is a sole winner to claim victory.

The eSports industry is bursting and is expected to grow in the near future to boost worldwide revenues reaching up to US $1.07 billion, according to Statista, a statistical portal for marketing data.

“ESports is no longer just a form of entertainment, it is becoming a profession for many players,” the study stated. “In 2015, the combined annual eSports prize pools worldwide amounted to US $74.8 million.”

But money isn’t everything to the players.

“ESports is a great community engagement and an awesome way for people to come out” to meet new friends and form new relationships among students, said Jeremy Afonso, vice President of IGNITE.

“It is amazing for the experience and also to embrace people in a competitive nature,” he said, adding he’s been a gamer for the past 15 years.