LGBTQ+ centre introduces safe space talks

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Campus News, Lakeshore, News, North

Daniel Caudle


Contrary to general assumptions, Humber College may not always have been a comfortable environment for LGTBQ+ students.

Concern for the safety of the LGBTQ+ community sparked the creation the resource centre by Student Life Programs and Student Success and Engagement last year.

Students who feel unsafe can go to the centre to vent and link with others during Q-talks, a weekly program designed to comfort students when the stress gets too high.

“This area gives them space to talk about experiences,” said Kenny Dawkins, Resource and Events Assistant at the LGBTQ+ resource centre.

“In this space, students can talk about their lives while having a structured support system.”

While the space is not new, the scheduled meetings and promotion of the centre are.

“I think this new… safe space is wonderful, it’s a good idea to have an institution that people can go to and not be judged,” said University of Guelph-Humber kinesiology student Chloe Mill.

The safe space allows students to say express themselves in a judgment-free zone, while receiving support from coordinators and newfound friends.

“There is a big difference now that it’s organized. Not all students can attend, but we have regulars who come here to use and build the space for the better,” Dawkins said.

While not unique to Humber, the centre believes it has a program other post-secondary schools should consider adopting.

“I think this is a great idea,” said George Brown College health information management student Amber McPherson. “My school doesn’t have one of these programs, but I can see the benefit.”

The space is open all week for students to go if they feel the need for a safe and non-judgmental zone.

“Anyone is welcome to come as long as they respect the space and abide by the rules,” Dawkins said.

Q-talks are scheduled on Mondays between 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. at North campus and at Lakeshore campus on Tuesday between 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.


Et Cetera falsely identified Q-Talks as being associated with IGNITE. The LGBTQ+ Resource Centre is an office within Student Life Programs and Student Success and Engagement and has no involvement with the student federation. We apologize for the error.