IGNITE: Meet the new vice president for North, Shay Kedroe

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Campus News, IGNITE, News, North

Francis Commey, Sports Reporter

Leadership is about impact, influence, and inspiration says the new IGNITE vice president for North campus.

Shay Kedroe, IGNITE’s vice president for North campus, said advocating for students wants and needs creates a better environment for them. 

The full-time paralegal student said she accomplished many things and is driven to accomplish more. 

Shay Kedroe became Vice President of North after the previously elected VP stepped down during the summer. (Melanie Valente-Leite)

Kedroe said setting multiple goals is the first step of turning the invisible into the visible. 

“I decided to take on a huge role of being the vice president but also not straying away from my dreams and aspirations,” she said. “My personal goals right now [includes attending] York University to take a family mediation course and afterwards head on to Windsor University for Law School.” 

Schools need leaders and advocates to help guide students and shine a light on issues they may not control. 

“My role is to advocate on the students’ behalf,” Kedroe said, including implementing new programs beneficial to students, improve their life skills, and to also ensure IGNITE funds are going to the right places.

“I’m a huge advocate on supporting people and their rights, it’s really important that society has someone who is not selfish to advocate on the behalf of students,” she said, adding it’s important for people to have an unbiased voice and someone that looks at all students equally. 

Kedroe said prevailing over obstacles and distractions as keys to success to get in her position.

“I was actually not voted into my role, there was another representative who got voted in and she had to step down due to personal reasons,” she told Et Cetera. “Over the summer I actually got interviewed and it was a big presentation where I had to prepare and present for the first time, which was very nerve-racking.

“I am such a down-to-earth person, you can approach me about anything even if you’re frustrated, upset, sad, or crying I will hug you, talk to you, and make time for you,” Kedroe said.

 Jasmine Mohabir, a student at Humber College, supports the changes Shay is seeking.

“Based off my experiences at the Testing Service Centre, I have not enjoyed waiting in line for such extended periods of time,” Mohabir said. 

Cameron Simpson, another Humber College student, said Kedroe has been a good advocate for students. 

“When it comes to being a student in college, we need people like Kedroe to be our voice as many of us may not be heard all of the time,” Simpson said.