IGNITE runs what could be its last Dress for Success contest

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Campus News, IGNITE, News

IGNITE is giving away $1,000 away to students for a new wardrobe. (Courtesy IGNITE)

Christian Aguirre/ News Reporter

IGNITE wants to know why you need a wardrobe makeover.

The student government is accepting word essays for its 7th Annual Dress for Success contest. Students who think they deserve a clothing shopping spree are encouraged to submit an essay explaining why.

The submissions will be judged by the IGNITE President Monica Khosla and an IGNITE Vice President who has not yet been announced.

Khosla said the purpose is to award the winners with a fresh wardrobe before applying for jobs.

“IGNITE knows that being a student is tough and that many of our students struggle to be able to financially afford the professional work wardrobe that would give them the confidence they need when going to job interviews or starting a new job,” she said.

“This contest gives them one less thing to worry about and supports them as they head into the future success we know awaits them,” Khosla said.

According to IGNITE’s website, each submission must not be more than 500 words and will be scored out of 25 points.

“Quality of writing” earns contestants up to five points, while creativity offers 10 points. An explanation of the need for a wardrobe upgrade with worth up to 10 points.

Winners will be accompanied by a member of the IGNITE Communications Team and Khosla on the shopping spree to document the experience.

IGNITE plans to give out three prizes. First place receives a $1,000 Cadillac Fairview gift card, second place wins a $250 Cadillac Fairview gift card and third place walks away with a $100 Cadillac Fairview gift card.

The IGNITE President said the Cadillac Fairview gift cards were chosen specifically due to the large selection of clothing stores at its malls.

Winners will be announced on March 29 via IGNITE social media.

Last year’s contest had over 90 submissions. The winner of that year, Alexis Rutty submitted a satirical essay explaining why she did not need the prize.

This could be the last time IGNITE sponsors the contest.

Due to proposed OSAP changes, student governments like IGNITE may receive less funding since students can choose to opt out of paying certain student fees. That reality could affect IGNITE services and events including this contest.

“All IGNITE services, program, contests, and events are at risk. We will do our best to protect those that are of top necessity for students,” Khosla said.

Contestants must be a full-time Humber or University of Guelph-Humber student. Deadline for submission is 11:59 p.m. March 25.