In the ‘Nude’ and in the know

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Life, North

Paige McGowan, Sports Reporter

Go nude or go home! 

Second year students in the Cosmetology Management Program at Humber College’s North Campus held an event for Nudestix products in front of the Humber spa on Wednesday, April 3.

The event provided willing Humber students with complimentary lip demos and makeup touchups using the Nudestix products.

Nudestix lip products on display being used on Humber students for complimentary lip demos done by Humber’s Cosmetology Management program students. (Paige McGowan)

“We’re offering refreshments and some snacks, we have a free lip demo and after that they can go to our Photo booth and after that they can go sign up for a giveaway to enter for a free makeup application from one of us,” Cosmetology Management student Rose Jane Lagran said.

“We also can do more than just lip demo’s, we also do the other Nudestix products such as the concealer, some of the eyeshadow products and right now they’re all 25 per cent off,” she said.

The event was held to educate people on Nudestix lip products and how to use them while promoting the Humber spa as well.

“It’s for a student project so we’re not getting anything from it, we’re just promoting a product and trying to reach a goal,” Lagran said. 

Nudestix is a collection of easy-to-use makeup crayons that cover all the essential bases with a fresh, natural look.

The makeup line is enriched with vitamins, antioxidants and moisturizers. 

Each multipurpose Nudestix crayon is packed with enough goodness to help users go for an effortless natural glow.

Kiss Kiss. After receiving a free lip demo, there is a photo booth (in the background) where students can use props to show off their nude look in a photo. (Paige McGowan)

“I really like the results,” event goer Lexis Lancaster said. “I like to go for a more natural look when I wear makeup so I think this is a great product to promote here.

“We’re all born with our own look, so why spend so much time and money to cover it up with lots of makeup when you don’t have to?” she asked.

Nudestix opts for a barely-there look, with slight touches of colour to help enhance natural features.

The collection is perfect for a natural enhanced look with minimalistic packaging, easy-to-use and is quick and simple.

“It’s a brand that’s full of neutral colours, easy on-the-go, it’s really for anyone so we’re here to promote that as well as promote the spa because not a lot of people know about the spa, so here we are,” Lagran said.

Rose Jane Lagran and her fellow classmates gather in front of the Humber spa trying to promote the Nudestix event. (Paige McGowan)

Leading up to the event, the Cosmetology Management students created an instagram account, @nudestixhumber2k19, to help promote the event as well as their giveaways.

“This event is a school assignment that we had to do in our field work class and basically we took the whole semester to plan and execute this big event for Nudestix, so it gives us a chance to actually experience making and planning an event,” said Cosmetology Management student Brittany Chung.

Nudestix products can be purchased in the Humber spa. This event gave people the chance to get 25 per cent off of their purchases.