INFUSE fashion magazine launches final print edition

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Headlines, Life

Alanna Fairey
Life Reporter

Humber College’s fashion magazine INFUSE is appearing for the final time as a print publication, with an image of the new front cover released earlier this week.

The student-run periodical is created by the Fashion Arts and Business program.

“INFUSE is more of an ‘everything’ magazine,” Arianna Popat, the editor-in-chief of INFUSE said. “We do lifestyle, we do fashion, and we do everything. I hope that INFUSE encourages students to come to fashion events and learn more about our program.”

The issue launch, which took place in the North campus LinX Lounge on Monday, included a panel hosted by INFUSE board members Amanda Seto and Robbin Yoon.

Seto spoke with Humber alumni who talked about their experiences in the fashion industry and offered advice for those still in the Fashion Arts program. The magazine’s cover model, Medjy Mezilus, was also included in the panel.

“It’s been a pleasure being at the launch party for the students who have worked incredibly hard throughout the past year,” said Jennifer Dawson, program coordinator of the Fashion Arts and Business program.

Since this issue will be INFUSE’s final print copy, the publication has rebranded.

“We started from scratch starting with our social media channels and they’ve really surpassed all of my expectations this year,” Dawson said.

Popat has always felt that she thrives in a leadership position, which made being the editor-in-chief an easy role to take on. While acknowledging that there were challenges, Popat credits her team for overcoming them to ensure the final printed edition.

“The fights we’ve had, the hardships we’ve had are over and we’ve all come together to celebrate our launch, so it’s just a really good feeling,” Popat said.

Popat hopes that students will not assume that INFUSE Humber is solely about clothing esthetics.

“We want people to understand that we’re not just designing fashion clothing, but we’re actually doing the business side of fashion and we want people to learn more about our program,” Popat said.

“I hope first year (students) really reach out for INFUSE even though its not going to be print version next year.”

The new edition of INFUSE will be distributed at Humber’s Annual Fashion Show on Apr. 11.