Instagram’s new stories feature has users experiencing deja vu

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Biz/Tech

Michelle Halim


Snapchat and Instagram are both popular photography-based social media outlets, but the differences between them are beginning to blur.

Snapchat ‘s concept is to send pictures to friends that disappear after they are viewed. Snapchat stories are a sequence of pictures and videos that all followers can see for 24 hours.

This past summer, Instagram decided they would adopt the concept of time-limited photo posts similar to Snapchat. It announced Instagram stories, pictures and videos that can be viewed by a user’s followers for 24 hours.

Users of both apps have spotted the similarities, and some feel that Instagram should stick to what it’s been doing since the beginning.

“I think Instagram stories are good but I’ll always prefer Snapchat because it’s very consistent and I feel it’s more personal,” said Daisy Shaleman, a general arts and sciences student at Humber College.

Even those with large followings think Instagram may have gone in the wrong direction.

“I think Snapchat stories are better because they better fit the theme of the app and the Instagram ones, while they keep you updated, it’s updates about strangers that you don’t really care to watch,” said Dominique Coutain, a psychology student at the University of Guelph-Humber with more than 6,000 Instagram followers.

Humber sports management student Aliya Grassia says she prefers Snapchat stories.

“But the only thing I like better about Instagram is the fact that you can click on the left side of the story and it will go back to the previous story,” she said.