Interior design show unfolds across downtown Toronto

by | Apr 4, 2014 | A&E

Kate Richards
A&E Reporter

Humber’s fourth year Bachelor of Interior Design students are hustling to finally unfold their final projects for their thesis gala April 23.

The Unfold Thesis Show is being held at the Burroughes building, an historic building near Queen and Bathurst Streets downtown Toronto.

Every year the fourth year BID students are responsible for planning every aspect of their thesis show. But this year’s cohort has taken steps to make Unfold more than that.

“This is the first year that we really imposed the idea of a brand on the show,” said Dana Marciniak, 22, a fourth year BID student and part of the Unfold committee.

“Traditionally, it’s (only) a thesis show…. We, as designers, want to send that extra message that we can also design an event and brand ourselves as a graduating year,” she said.

But they’ve used the concept of unfolding in more ways than a title and concept for the show.

“(It’s) the idea of unfolding a project, or unfolding the hidden creativity of these soon to be graduates,” said Zaiba Mian, BID program coordinator and professor.

“Also, the whole design process is really about unfolding ideas. I think it’s a really appropriate kind of visual as well,” she said.

The BID thesis show has a web site that includes a blog, a designer profile page and a video that showcases the invitations to the event, among other information.

A video of an invitation sounds strange, but the designers’ ability to delve into the concept of unfolding shines through in a really creative way.

“I was thinking back to elementary school when you used to pass notes and fold them all intricately,” said Marciniak.

“You open it up and you can only open it once because it’s so intricately folded that it literally just unfolds. (The invitation) then becomes a poster people can hang in their offices,” she said.

Marciniak designed the invitation along with Veronica Smith, 22, another fourth year BID student.

“We want (the thesis show) to be one cohesive vision throughout: everything from the web site to the invites to the Instagram to the Facebook to the Twitter,” said Smith.

“We wanted everything to be consistent because I think that’s something the industry can really appreciate,” she said.

The blog portion of the web site also proves a creative and different way to promote and preview the thesis show.

Fourth year BID students are given the base plan of six existing buildings across Toronto. They are then required to implement their design on one of the base plans after a semester’s worth of research.

The blog is a six-part preview of each of the six buildings and includes a photograph and a short description of the building and the area it’s located.

“The idea is that you’re warming people up to the site of the project,” said Marciniak.

“(Students) either provided really neat photos, or know the building like the back of their hand. (The blog) really sets the stage for the show…,” she said.

Mian expressed her appreciation in regards to all the hard work this year’s cohort has put in to their thesis show.
“Some years were more involved depending on the dynamic of the group but this year the class has really taken on the project and it is completely their own,” said Mian.
“I’d say it’s the best we’ve ever seen. It’s really exciting,” she said.
The show is a one-night event and runs from 6 to 10 p.m.

For more information, visit the UNFOLD website.

See the Unfold promo below:

UNFOLD Promo 2014 from Aaron Hanek on Vimeo.