Interior Design students get two chances to showcase work

by | Apr 21, 2017 | News

Hayley Michaud

News Reporter

Humber’s Bachelor of Interior Design graduating class is doing things a little differently this year. For the first time in the program’s 50-year history, students are putting on not one but two of their annual Student Thesis shows.

The first is a more restricted version of previous showcases. It is now an industry-only event taking place today at the Steelcase showroom on King Street.

“This is an opportunity for students to network with industry members and, potentially, secure employment. The event allows students to showcase and discuss their work with industry members,” said Zaiba Mian, thesis professor for the program.

The second showcase will take place May 2 in the Learning Resource Commons on North campus, and will be an opportunity for the student to display “what exactly we’ve been talking about during four years of stressed phone calls,” said Emilia Majerus, one of the students planning the show.

The decision to split the showcase into two came after issues with overcrowding at last year’s event.

“The venue became so crowded it was difficult for industry to view students’ work and to have meaningful design discussions,” Mian said. “The fourth-year students this year proposed a separate friends and family show which is a celebration of the students’ accomplishments.”

Lisan van Alst, one of the other students helping to plan the second show also feels making an event specifically with friends and family in mind is something special.

“You have your supporting friends and your family that know you’ve been struggling for the whole year, they know the challenges you’ve faced and how hard you’ve worked. It’s more exciting to share that with the people that have been there the whole time,” said van Alst.

Majerus and van Alst were two of the students who helped coordinate the event, and somehow managed to find the time between their work schedule and doing their own thesis projects to qualify for the industry show. While everyone is encouraged to participate in the friends and family show, students had to get above 70 per cent to participate in today’s display at Steelcase.

“When we started our thesis, they encouraged us to pick a topic that would reflect well in the community and help a community grow,” said van Alst, who designed a facility dedicated to helping individuals and their families who are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“Through my research I learned that there is no actual facility in Canada, let alone the GTA for people with PTSD, there’s stuff for mental health but not PTSD specifically. So my focus was mainly on treatment and education. It’s not limited to veterans, it’s open to anybody who feels like they need assistance or kind of wants to learn more about PTSD,” said van Alst.

Majerus’ created a recreation centre for children with disabilities.

“The facility has a gymnasium, a dance studio, art therapy rooms, mostly it’s just centered towards creating a positive space for these children, giving them a social space for them to grow and build self-confidence,” she said.

The Interior Design Thesis Show will be held May 2 on the first floor of the LRC from 2 p.m. Food will be served around 5 p.m.