International Education Week celebrates culture

by | Nov 21, 2014 | News

Tamara Shade
News Reporter

The sharp edges of the paper crane formed under the creative fingers of Humber College international student Miku Yodoi.

The third-year Public Relations student sported a kimono while teaching students the art of origami at the Humber Goes Global event, part of International Education Week which ran Nov. 17 to 21.

Yodoi said that she wanted people to enjoy her culture and she wanted to do something nice for IEW. She travelled from Osaka, Japan, four years ago to study at Humber.

“It’s very challenging because when I first came here I couldn’t speak English,” Yodoi said. “I found Canadian people are really open to everybody else and very understanding and that makes us feel a little bit better…comfortable to live in this country.”

She said she likes that she gets to communicate with a lot of people at Humber and it helps her to develop her English skills.

“I love Humber,” Yodoi said. “In terms of studying at Humber it’s really very meaningful to me.”

Student ambassador Diana Longhi said that this year’s events were held to showcase Italian, Japanese, New Zealand, Nigerian, and Barbadian cultures to Humber students.

“We try to expose (attendees) every year to a different culture,” said Longhi.

International mobility manager Rebecca Fitzgerald said this event gives the school a chance to celebrate and recognize the diverse perspectives of its community.

“International Education Week is celebrated at Humber and also around the world every year in the third week of November,” Fitzgerald said. “It’s a chance to celebrate international education and also the global experience that’s present among our students, staff and faculty here at Humber.”

Humber College international student advisor at the Lakeshore campus, Christina Mathias helped coordinate the week’s events.

“We’ve done two language cafés,” Mathias said. “Monday we did Hindi, so Indian students ran that language café for us, and on Tuesday we had Cambodian students running a language café where students were able to come in and a learn a few new words.”

Yodoi said she is unsure if she wants to work in Canada after she graduates but she wants to give it a shot.
“I want to build my career in Canada because Canada made me grow, so I just want to contribute to the Canadian society,” Yodoi said.

She also recommended that people travel to Canada for education.

Mathias said that she is really happy about the turnout for this year’s IEW and she hopes next year will be bigger and better.