Islamic Awareness Day explains religious traditions

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Campus News, News, North

Kayzia Boilard
News Reporter

Islamic Awareness Day was celebrated yesterday at Humber North campus concourse with display tables surrounding a mosque replica, dedicated to different aspects of visitors to learn about different aspects of the religion.

“We have this day for people to come and have some fun and also clear up any misconceptions and ask questions they have and to gain knowledge at the same time,” said Fatima Khan, the events director for the Muslim Student Association.

“People can try on a hijab, some people are very curious to learn how to tie it properly and how they’d look in it,” Khan explained.

“We also have henna, which people love, and then we have stations like, ‘Ask a Muslim’, so if they have any questions about Muslims, for example, ‘Why do some girls cover their hair and others don’t’ or ‘Why do you pray five times (a day)’ they can ask any questions.”

She added, “We have prophets in Islam and we want to teach people that we believe in Jesus and Mohammed and there are similarities between our prophets and what Christianity believes in, too.”

Ismahan, a 19-year-old general arts student at Humber, loved the henna tattoo that she got, saying, “I showed them a picture and they did it exactly how I wanted it.”

The event also had a table dedicated to women in Islam.

“A lot of times people think that women are oppressed and forced to get married and cover their hair, but we’re here to clear that up and say that those are just the cultural taboos, not what Islam teaches,” said Khan.

“So we have books out there which tell people what Islam actually believes about women and what women’s rights are in Islam and how feminism plays a role in Islam, as well.”