Jim Bialek is retiring after 40 years with Humber

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Feature, Sports

Pirasanth GunaskaramSports Reporter

Jim Bialek, manager of Humber Athletics and Sports Information, is getting inducted to the OCAA Hall of Fame.

He’s also retiring after four decades at the college.

“It’s well deserved,” said Ray Chateau, Director of Athletics.

“I’m extremely happy for him,” said Michael Kopinak, associate athletic director and recreation. “He is the lifeblood of the entire program.”

While at Humber, he worked with OCAA in multiple roles. He was a member of the OCAA Senior Leadership Committee for the past 10 years and named OCAA President in 2013.

Bialek said he put a lifetime of work to provide opportunities for student athletes and staff.

Jim Bialek, holding a commemorative bat, with the baseball team. (Courtesy of OCAA).

He also didn’t expect to go into the Hall of Fame. But once he did, he said it was special for him to get recognized for his efforts.

“It just says that what I’ve done has meant something which is going to be remembered forever,” Bialek said.

When comparing how Humber sports was when he started, Bialek said it’s completely different but completely the same.

He said technology has changed sports, such as making recruitment easier. But beyond that, sports remained the same.

He had a quote to summarize his four-decade experience at Humber.

“Everything’s changed, but nothing has changed,” Bialek told Et Cetera.

He said the idea of college sports which includes the athletes, the coaches, the wins, the losses and the championships has never changed.

He said he witnessed Humber student-athletes win 139 CCAA medals, including a nation-wide best 52 national gold medals. He was at Humber for 551 of 590 OCAA medals.

From the wins and losses that led to championships, to the growth of the varsity teams, Bialek said his experiences at Humber has been great.

 “It’s certainly been a terrific ride and a terrific experience,” Bialek said.

He said he wanted to retired because he thought it’s time.

“I’ve been able accomplish a number of things, so it’s time to enjoy life,” Bialek said.

Kopinak said Humber will miss him.

“At some point in time, you know when you need to retire,” he said.

Kopinak also said Bialek is a history buff and a history magnet for Humber.

“From a history and knowledge perspective, he knows it all and because of that he is going to be missed,” Kopinak said.

Bialek said the decision to retire also allows someone new to take his place.

“I’ve experienced so much so it’s time to walk away and then other people have that same joy,” he said.