Jobs attained on campus from Work Study Program include wide diversity of tasks, a range of salary

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Life

Kylie Vaillancourt
Life Reporter

Humber College offers jobs that gives students in financial need the opportunity to work on campus during their study at school.

“To be considered (for the Work Study Program), the cost of a student’s needs to be more than their income,” said Caroline Colosimo, a career advisor for Humber College.

There are several different job options on all campuses that include working at any of the centres on the campus including the athletic, writing, business and career centres on the student’s specific campus. Other options include working at LinX Pub, media equipment rooms, residence, Gourmet Express and the Food Emporium.

Jobs on campus for students are approved under the work study program. Jobs are organized within the student’s timetable so as not to disrupt attendance at classes.

Food services jobs on campus are with a contract so most of the workers there are full-time. International students do not qualify for work study because they are unable to apply for financial aid under the rules for international students.

Humber Students’ Federation also provides jobs for students on campus but these are completely separate from the jobs the Career Centre can provide.

Colosimo estimates about 800 students apply for jobs at the North, Lakeshore and Orangeville campuses. Depending on the skill level required, the hourly pay for jobs on campus ranges between $11 and $15.

Syeda Hassan, a third year accounting student, works as a tutor for disabled students on campus.

“I love the job, I love the timing of it,” she said. “It works around your schedule and I’m assigned with certain students so the session is strictly only an hour.”

Hassan finds that being a work study student is an advantage because one can work and study at the same time. She gained experiences in a different field and developed leadership skills.

“Not only do I teach, but I learn with them too,” said Hassan.

Jasmine Sekhon, a first year nursing student, does not work on campus but likes the idea.

“It’s a smart idea because some of us need the money but we don’t have the time to go work a regular eight-hour shift,” said Sekhon.

Sekhon said, however, she would not take on a work study job because her course is stressful enough and is demanding.

If they feel they can handle school work as well as a job, students are able to browse jobs on the Humber website.

“All our jobs available are posted on our job portal on our website and they will find hundreds of job postings there,” said Colosimo.

To be eligible to participate in the Work-Study program at both the Humber North and Lakeshore Campus as well as the Guelph-Humber Campus, students must have lived in Ontario for the past year as a Canadian Citizen, be a full-time student with a minimum course load of 60 per cent, be in good academic standing and be in the need of financial need.