Just-in time for change, Liberals lead

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Opinion

Jacob Wilson-Hajdu
Sports Editor

Justin Trudeau is about to become our next Prime Minister of Canada and here is why you should care.

After nearly 10 years of the current Conservative government, Canada’s social paradigm is finally starting to shift in a more progressive direction. As a country, we are eager for leadership that has a plan to make changes in our country now. The Liberal party is the only party that isn’t scared to invest in our country now to fix systemic problems that misguide Canada today.

Those are my own views but I don’t deny that my family background has been part of what’s influenced me. My mother is the Liberal MP candidate for the Superior North riding.

My mother’s long-time decision to join the Liberal Party came because it was the only party that was progressive on the issues that she thought important, such as affordable housing, a sensible drug policy, good jobs and education. Since my mother is the Director of the Thunder Bay Shelter House, she has constantly been submersed in humanitarian issues, which are only adequately addressed by the Liberals.

The Liberal Party specifically treats current drug policies as a civil rights problem and sees drug use as a social rather than a criminal issue. Instead of locking up people for minor drug offences, the Liberal stance is opposed to most mandatory minimum sentencing and focuses on crime prevention and rehabilitation services. This is also the only party that takes a progressive stance towards legalization of marijuana.

What will the Liberal party do for post-secondary students? The party is proposing that we increase student grants to $3000 per year for low-income students and $1800 per year for part time students.

In addition, the Liberals will also increase the income thresholds for loan eligibility, which will give Canadian students more access to larger grants. They also want a more flexible student loan system by making sure there is no required repayment until the individual is earning an income of $25,000 a year.

Bill C-51, which was passed under the Harper administration, is scrutinized in the media for being intrusive. Since the passing of the bill, the Liberal party has presented over 200 amendments to improve the bill, and some key ones were accepted, such as limiting the power of the Minister to intervene with airlines, protecting our rights to civil disobedience and ensuring CSIS has no police powers.

Canadians need a government that will truly focus on our country. As we take a look elsewhere in this campaign, we see the NDP and Conservatives focusing on attack ads and smearing Mr. Trudeau’s name. But while other leaders focus on Trudeau, he focuses on Canadians and the issues on which Canada needs to take action.

It is clear that this country has become tired of a Conservative government that is full of deceptions and empty promises. On Monday, Canadians will have a chance to create real change. It is time for a transparent and honest government that will invest in a realistic approach to bettering the lives of all Canadians.