Justice exhibit features crime scene

by | Mar 20, 2015 | A&E

Corey Brehaut

There’s a classic whodunit at Humber College.

The Lakeshore campus L-Space Gallery is hosting an exhibition titled, “This Show is to Die For,” concluding its run today. The display aims to showcase Humber’s Criminal Justice and Police Foundations programs.

“They’re offering the exhibition because they really believe that this public creative process that is the gallery just offers an accessible way to learn about their curriculum and what the school has to offer,” said Tara Mazurk, curator of the gallery.

The exhibition is an interactive experience where groups of four students have been asked to examine evidence at a staged crime scene and solve a murder. Participants had 25 minutes to gather evidence before watching mock suspect interrogations.  New evidence was released throughout the event to advance the case.

The main exhibit presents a fake crime scene complete with a bloody dummy, murder weapon and other forensic details that participants used to solve the mystery. The whole area is lined with yellow police tape, naturally.

“When you play the game, you not only collect evidence from the crime scene but then you watch interviews with all the suspects and eye witnesses,” said Doug Thomson, professor for Humber’s school of Social and Community Services and the event’s organizer.

There are also displays showcasing a real forensics kit, diagrams explaining blood spatter, finger and footprint analysis and facial reconstructions. The most striking display features actual photos from a murder scene including a bloody body and murder weapon.

Those who solved the crime were entered in a draw to win t-shirts and gift cards for iTunes and Tim Hortons.

“It’s basically like a big game of Clue,” said Shauna Lines, a second-year police foundations student.

The Criminal Justice program is a four-year interdisciplinary bachelor’s program that teaches students to critically assess crime and the criminal justice system. The Police Foundations diploma is a two-year program that prepares students for a career in law enforcement.