Keep your belongings safe, even in your classrooms

by | Oct 24, 2017 | News

Michelle Neha Bastian

The Humber North campus has nearly 20,000 students come through its doors throughout the year and with them reports of robberies and students missing items.

The Department of Public Safety receives approximately zero to 20 complaints in a week. Missing phones, wallets, USB drives and keys are some of the things that are often reported.

“Most of the time it’s usually students misplacing their belongings,” Humber security’s Maxine Uah said.

Though in the case that students believe an item has been stolen, Uah said the first course of action is to write a report. They then look at the security footage and try to find the culprit. Security will then speak to the suspect in the interview room and return the item. Other methods usually involve warnings and reports.

One Humber student found leaving their bag unattended in a washroom was safer than leaving it in a classroom where he claims his wallet was stolen.

“Last Wednesday, I left my wallet inside my bag and went to the washroom. After class, I went to Tim Horton’s to buy some coffee and realized that my wallet wasn’t inside the bag anymore,” said Rafael Paschoa, an international business student. “The security asked me to come the next day because if someone found the wallet we’ll give it back to them. I went after two days but no money inside. I lost $400.”

Lost belongings are harder to trace in classrooms because of a lack of security cameras, according to Uah. She said it’s easier to track a person in the hallways or corridors.

While the cases can seem high in some instances, some students may not be aware this happens on campus. Many students are careful with their lockers and in athletic centres, but classrooms seem to escape the list.

“You have to be more cautious of all your things because at the end of the day, it’s your fault because as a student, [you need to] make sure that your things are safe and in a safe place,” Amber, who didn’t want to disclose her last name, said as she dropped off a misplaced wallet at the security office.