Knit cafe pulls wool as seasonal stress reliever

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Life

Sanzana Syed

News Reporter


Tucked quietly into a small boardroom inside Humber Lakeshore’s Fashion Institute was a group of seven women who had a cozy time making cozies.
Featuring wool, needles, cookies and hot chocolate, Francesca D’Angelo’s Knit Café had a better turnout than she expected.
What was originally an inspiration from her textile class evolved into a one-day knitting event on Dec. 1.
D’Angelo teaches a practical course for fashion students at Humber Lakeshore on textiles and knitting, but this Knit Café was more hands-on.
“[Knitting] is something to do over the holidays.” she said.
Elanna Urschel, a third year student in Fashion Management, said there were six RSVPs, a good number of expert knitters to teach the beginners.
Jane Worth, a manager of Info Tech Services at Humber College, has been knitting for decades and came to the event wearing one of her own knitted sweaters.
“I started knitting when I was six,” Worth said. “Knitting is not cost effective.”
Worth also said she knits about 12 to 15 socks for Christmas gifts. One sock takes about three to four days to knit.
“Thin yarn is good for small things, like socks.” she said.
“Knitting is a good stress reliever,” Urschel said. “I’m coming up with ideas for the upcoming years to make knitting a weekly thing.”
Sheila Moore, a marketing professor at Humber, said she wonders if knitting will make a resurgence because she believes Millennials are multitaskers.
D’Angelo wants to hold another session of the Knit Café for Valentine’s Day in 2017.