L Space bringing world-best typography to Humber

by | Oct 17, 2014 | A&E

Amanda Tuzi
A&E Reporter

Award-winning artwork from an international typography competition that exhibits worldwide is making its only Canadian stop at Humber College’s L Space gallery at the Lakeshore campus from Oct. 22 until Oct. 31.

The 60th Annual Type Directors Club (TDC), established in New York, showcases, honours and rewards some of the leading type-design and type-use created by international professional artists.

“I think this exhibition in particular, because it’s the only Canadian stop for this international competition, is a real testament to how Humber College is distinct in its industry connections,” said Tara Mazurk, curator of L Space gallery.

Catherine Pike, Humber’s Advertising and Graphic Design program coordinator, and Kevin Brandon, Humber’s Graphic Design program coordinator, organized this year’s TDC show.

“TDC, I’ve seen change in lots of experimentations, so they (pieces) kind of reflect the culture where they’re coming from, whether it’s a psychedelic typeface, or even today as you see the 3D type. As the technology changes the understanding changes of how we can communicate,” said Brandon.

The pieces are submitted to TDC from artists around the globe.

“I think it helps (artists) because they are looking at pieces from around the world so there are (these) influences while being in North America (which) can be expanded to see global typefaces and things that you wouldn’t normally come across,” said Brandon.

The artwork ranges from posters, to 3D book covers, to packaging, to wine bottle labels.

“It’s a tactile gallery, you’re supposed to open up books, touch things, look at things, turn things around in 360 degrees, see what type it is, see how it has been applied, see what surprises you,” said Brandon.

The winning pieces are from different categories within the graphic design industry such as student work, packaging, poster design, web design and advertising.

“They (advertisements) have a big impact on your life because they kind of influence you to do certain things. You see an interesting advertisement about something like the iPhone 6 and get inspired to go and get it, but if it were a crappy advertisement no one would go buy the product. Advertisements shape the way our society works,” said Rav Mudhar, 19, a second-year 3D Animation student.

The free event caters to the creative minds of graphic designers and visual communicators, but it’s meant to inspire and interest anyone and everyone.

The opening reception of the 60th Annual Type Directors Club will be held on Oct. 22 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. The exhibition can be viewed from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. while the exhibit is running.