Lakeshore campus hosts RCMP career fair

by | Mar 28, 2014 | News

Travis Pereira
News Reporter

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are looking to recruit the best, and consider the Police Foundations Program at Humber a good place to look.

Cpl. Michelle Welsh of the RCMP Ontario Recruiting Division, said events like the March 26 career opportunity session at Humber Lakeshore campus allow the federal police force to highlight the more than 150 career specialization opportunities and advantages associated with the organization.

“There’s a lot of misinformation about the RCMP that’s out there,” she said.

“This is the opportunity for a RCMP officer to provide their personal stories, about what actually a career in the RCMP entails,” Welsh said. “It gives people a better understanding of what the RCMP can offer them.”

Welsh said the RCMP has a strong working relationship with Humber College and the RCMP is very appreciative of the opportunity to present to students.

“I’m very impressed with the program coordinators that I’ve dealt with. They have desire and passion about educating the students,” she said.

Second-year Police Foundations student Cameron O’Brien was one of the many Humber students who attended last week’s RCMP presentation.

The career session included discussion of the history of the RCMP, current career opportunities and the recruiting process.
O’Brien said the networking opportunities offered in Humber’s Police Foundations program are second to none.

“I’ve talked to students in police foundations programs from other schools and they say they have very few networking opportunities, and that’s something that definitely sets Humber apart,” he said.

Police Foundations Program Coordinator Henri Berube said the underlying goal of these events is to provide students with all the information they need to make a well-rounded decision about the path they choose for a career in law enforcement.

He said the RCMP offers different levels of policing from municipal right through to national and international.

“By bringing the RCMP here and encouraging students to attend these sessions, it really gives them exposure to a type of policing and significant job opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t be considering or even aware of,” Berube said.

He said people in Ontario aren’t nearly as familiar with the RCMP as in other provinces because they aren’t front line officers.

Police Foundations Event Coordinator Elizabeth Sheridan is a graduate of the program and said the one-on-one face time with prospective employers provides an invaluable advantage.

“That’s how I actually know all these recruiters and they know me so well,” she said.

“It’s not because of my current position. They remember when I was a student volunteering and helping out with the presentations and doing the same things that these students are doing,” Sheridan said.

O’Brien said this was his second time attending a career presentation and each time he walks away with new information and new resources.

He said the information provided is very thorough and the format of an open forum makes it easy to ask questions.

“The value of one-on-one time can’t be rivalled, especially when it comes to policing,” he said.

“It adds that personal touch with a recruiter so that they can keep in touch with you and make sure you’re doing everything you need to do in the process. They’re available if you have any questions and just being on a first name basis really makes a huge difference,” said O’Brien.

After listening to recruiter’s personal anecdotes and presentations, O’Brien said he’s certainly considering a career with the RCMP.

“I actually learned a couple things that I didn’t from the past presentation, and there wasn’t anything left up in the air” he said. “I want to be a police officer and I will be a police officer anywhere in Canada, and the RCMP would be my first choice.”