Lakeshore hosts first of five meditation sessions

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Life

Kettelia Wright
Life Reporter

Humber hosted the first of five meditation sessions in hopes to help everyone reclaim themselves during the mid-day at Lakeshore on Thursday.

The objective of the five-part series is to help participants regain their inner peace and awareness through simple breathing techniques and meditation.

“I thought I would be a good addition to the CTL offerings, I took a meditation with Parveen at one of our professional development showcases and she really transformed the room,” said Bianca Sorbera, manager of teacher training programs.  “It was a hectic day, and I remember going in with a headache, and my headache was completely gone by the end of the session.”

Students and faculty have to get a lot done throughout the day, it’s good to take a break in between to avoid stress.

“As faculty or admin, we have such busy days here that it would be so nice to break up the day with some of these techniques, in our everyday jobs,” Sorbera said.

Students can start to intergrade these techniques into their classroom practices. In the event of an exam, professors can use the breathing technique to help make sure their students are in the right head space.

There are endless benefits to anyone that participates in meditation.

“Based on my experience, I was prone to migraines, and I was taking Advil and Tylenol pretty much every single day,” said Parveen Gill, program coordinator for the business school. “I started doing my breathing and meditation in 2011, ever since then I almost never get migraines at all.”

Participants were very happy with the results after the meditation with Parveen.

“It was so good, I felt so calm and relaxed, and I almost fell asleep at certain points, but I was awake,” business professor Dileeni Weerasinghe said. “I learned a lot of new techniques from her, that really helped, I’m still in a zone of calmness which is excellent.”

The next session will take place on Oct. 18 at Lakeshore campus.