Lakeshore’s new Resource Centre honours history of land it’s on

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Headlines, Lakeshore, News

Bhakti Parikh

News Reporter

Humber Lakeshore’s new Welcome and Resource Centre reflects the history of the land it’s built on through its architecture and interior design.

The grounds Lakeshore campus was built on was significant for the Aboriginal people who lived there. Artefacts and paintings that represent their tribes are showcased in the new space.

Later on, in the late 1800’s, the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital was built on the terrain. In remembrance, the Resource Centre has quotes from the patients written on the walls.

“There were different community organizations, individuals who live in the area, staff members and all these voices coming together to make sure that the history was recognized and would have a permanent home,” said Jennifer Bazar, curator for the Interpretive Centre within the new facility.

The new building is a “one stop shop” for students and staff members with all services under one roof. These include the Registrar’s Office, Interpretative Centre (Art Gallery and History of Humber), First Year Experience, LGBTQ Resources Centre, Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre, Testing Service, Aboriginal Service and the Principal’s Office.

The grand opening last month was an inclusive event where guests came from the neighbourhood, various local communities and the college. Speakers shared their thoughts and enthusiasm on stage.

The various stakeholder communities “always wanted a place to store the history of the area and Humber is now honouring that. We are going to collect and project the history by putting on exhibits and programs on the campus,” said Wanda Buote, Principal of Humber’s Lakeshore campus.

Ellie Knight, first year student of Hospitality and Tourism Management program is pleased with the structure and accessibility of the building.

“The artifacts and information on walls is pretty cool,” said Knight. “Before the services were in different parts of the campus and now they’re all under one roof, so we don’t have to walk around the entire campus, it’s very easy and accessible for students.”