Launch Me contest lets student entrepreneurs pitch for startup funding

by | Feb 17, 2018 | Biz/Tech, Campus News, Lakeshore

Harmajeet Gurm
Biz/Tech Reporter

Humber College organized an innovative “Launch Me” workshop and competition for the business students and alumni.

The Lakeshore campus is currently undertaking the workshops and competition for its business students and graduates who need the skills and training to create and establish their business ideas.

According to the official “Launch Me” site, the workshops and competition are centered on giving business students an opportunity to create and pitch their business ideas and get funding and assets to help their business objectives.

“A series of workshops known as Lean Canvas, business plans and pitching, provide students with the training and skill development in the early stages of starting a business,” said Marisa Tomassi, event coordinator for the Centre for Entrepreneurship.

“The workshops prepare the students for the competition, which is an application and business plan submission with the final stage being pitching to a panel of investors to potentially win startup funding,” she said.

Tomassi said participants must submit the application and business plan, which should be well thought out with the feasible idea and the means to carry out the business.

Participants must attend all the business plan development and pitching workshops before entering the competition or it can affect their chance to reach the finals, according to Launch Me website.“It’s for the first time that we will have this workshop series and we are excited to know that there are many Humber students who are looking to become entrepreneurs,” said Raeshelle Morris, manager of the centre.

“We thought it is best to conduct the workshops throughout the academic school year rather than just having a final competition and therefore, the participant must attend the workshops to have a good chance to advance to the final round,” she said.

Referring to the previous year’s winner and finalists, Morris said that she is hopeful that the finalists will be able to stabilize their startup operations in the coming future as sometimes it is difficult to carry out the business idea until the end.

“Be focused, don’t be intimidated, you have what it takes to succeed at anything you put your mind to and energy on,” she said.