LGBTQ+ centre has successful first year

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Campus News, Life, North

Jahnelle Simspon


Space on the closet door to tell stories about coming out is dwindling.

Many people have signed the door at the LGBTQ+ Resource Centre at the North campus LRC building, and the comments share a common theme: It’s okay to be who you are.

Humber College’s staff and the student government say it’s one of their primary objectives to promote an inclusive environment.

“It’s Humber’s job. It’s Ignite’s job,” Ignite president Ahmed Tahir said.

While the North campus has its LGBTQ+ safe space, Ignite is still working on establishing a similar one at Lakeshore Campus.

Ignite and the LGBTQ+ Resource Centre are working together to have more external events at Humber to create conversations and spread knowledge, Tahir said.

The resource centre was a major milestone for the college, Tahir said, adding he’s proud Humber was able to create a space allowing the LGBTQ+ community to freely express itself.

LGBTQ+ resource coordinator Natalie Elisha said the college recognizes the student body is diverse and prioritizes voices that need to be heard.

“We have film screening for those who are curious. Everyone is free to come in and ask any questions,” she said.

“People need to have a certain level of curiosity before wanting to embrace those who are different than them,” Elisha said.

The centre embraces everyone and helps a create a safe haven, where a wide range of topics can be discussed, from school to gender identity, said Teyshawna Jackson, a second year recreation and leisure management student.

Humber saw the need for a resource centre and the idea was bought to life a year ago.

Having a space makes a big difference, Tahir said.

However, ensuring the safety of LGBTQ+ people is an ongoing process, he said.

“Students need to have a 100 per cent willingness to learn about those who are different,” Tahir said.

“It’s all about creating dialogue and having conversation,” Tahir said when talking about ways to promote inclusivity at Humber.

For now, the resource centre door is one place to learn of the LGBTQ+ community, with its happy and trying tales , from discovering a new world and self-confidence to students who were booted out of home when they opened the closet door.