LinX Lounge eliminates drink specials, beer pitchers, shot-skis to curb bingeing

by | Feb 11, 2016 | Campus News, Life

Daniela Gitto

Like any other Humber College student, Sara Odisho comes ready with two pieces of I.D. before reaching the bar’s entrance. One proves her age, the other proves she’s enrolled at Humber.

A LinX Lounge employee routinely checks the ban-list to verify she’s welcomed.

Odisho has reached the check-point.

The staff slaps a pink neon wrist-band on her as an indication to bartenders that she’s of age. After ordering her usual bottle of James Ready beer, Odisho habitually puts her wrist out for a heart-shaped stamp like a kid waiting for a new charm to add to their bracelet.

Level complete.

LinX is Humber’s North campus bar and has had a year filled with changes geared to creating a safer environment for students.

Moderating students’ consumption of alcohol has become a rising priority, according to LinX spokespeople, which is why they decided to ban drink specials on Monday and Tuesday, beer pitchers and the notorious shot-ski, where four people simultaneously gulp from a shot holder affixed to a ski.

These specials may encourage irresponsible drinking, something no school bar wants to support, said LinX bartender Lauren Bowden.“I respect the changes. They are made in the interest of our success and safety,” said Odisho after being asked how she felt about the changes.

The precautions not only apply to drinks but also to those who don’t attend Humber.

Bowden says there have been a number of incidents where people have entered the bar without permission, which is considered trespassing. This has resulted in people having to show their Humber student card at the door.

Another stated priority for LinX relates to drinking and driving.“We are always concerned about drinking and driving. I think that’s our number one concern when it comes to serving alcohol to our customers,” said Daniela Trozzolo, manager of LinX Lounge.

The rules of the bar are intended to be simple and correspond to common sense, but breaking them can land someone on the list of students who are not allowed back in the bar due to misconduct.

Banned students are given a chance to redeem themselves by taking an online module to help them examine their drinking patterns and choices.

After two beers and a pulled pork poutine, Odisho is ready to head out feeling relaxed, satisfied and safe, an example of what LinX now positions as responsible drinking.