LRC building offers new technology to new library

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Campus News, News, North

Kasandra DaSilva

with files from Anusha Azeem and Patricia Tsolis

Humber North campus has grown dramatically with the recent addition of the Learning Resource Commons, home of the expanded library facility.

The LRC building, which officially opened in fall 2015, is always packed with students waiting for their coffee at Starbucks or working away in the new library.

“If you have been going to Humber for a long time, you know how big of an upgrade this is,” said Fareesha Saheed, a third-year paralegal student.

“The new computers, the larger space and the new study rooms are great, and the printers are more efficient now so the line is shorter, making it a huge benefit to all students,” said Saheed.

Despite the new features, however, students are not fully aware of all the library has to offer, said circulation clerk Amanda Vanmierlo.

“We have the learning commons that is open 24 hours a day, which is always available to students. Also, for those who want a quieter area to study, we have the private study rooms to accommodate all,” she said.

Vanmierlo said the library has an extensive e-library collection of textbooks and resource guides to help students with their projects.

She said the library also has a self-checkout line.

Vanmierlo, who has been with the library for 14 years, said the facility is now more accessible to people with disabilities.

“Last year, the elevators were broken down for six weeks” and there was limited access into the library for the disabled.

Students are also served by a coffee and snack cart near the entrance of the fourth floor library so they don’t have to trek to the first floor for refreshments.

“The coffee cart is awesome, it is like a small cafe and way better than the old vending machines and it is only a few steps away,” said Noah Williamson, a second-year Humber Business student.

Although the library has become more current and tech savvy, it has also expanded its catalogue of physical resource books.

“I’m glad they kept the reference books as sometimes it is easier to study from those then from all the notes and articles online,” said Williamson.

Humber boasts that the six-storey LRC has added 264,000 square feet to the North campus and can accommodate 2,200 students. It was built at a cost of $79 million, $74.5 million of which was provided by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.