LRC hosts tech employer appreciation event

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Biz/Tech

Keith Tsu
Biz/Tech Reporter

The work placement services team within Humber’s School of Applied Technology hosted its Employer Appreciation Event on Thursday at Humber College’s North campus.

Industry liaison Shah Sotodeh said the event was held for both student and employer success.

“It’s to say thank you to all the employers that are not only great partners to Humber college and specifically the School of Applied Technology,” Sotodeh said. “And also to thank them for supporting our students throughout this past summer for hiring our students for their placements.”

Employers believe the highlight from these events is seeing the satisfaction among students once they get their placement.

“It’s mainly the satisfaction you get from seeing the students and how happy they are once they’ve landed on a placement and how much they’ve changed throughout that experience working for months,” Sotodeh said. “So, to see how they’ve changed or matured in a sense.”

Employers trained many of these graduates with the necessary skills and fundamentals for their placements.

Computer engineering technology student Ravneet Singh said these employers helped him gain greater insight towards the industry.

“They’ve helped me through giving me the skills necessary to be in the industry,” Singh said. “[In school] we don’t get to learn as practical as we do by being a part of these companies.”

Interior Design graduate Romo Lin believes there is a successful connection with the students and employers. He said he was able to learn in fields that weren’t covered in school.

“There were terminologies and areas I didn’t know and they were always there to help the student,” Lin said. “There was a successful connection with students and employers.”

Singh said punctuality and professionalism are two major expectations for computer engineering students.

“If you give a deadline, you must meet the deadline,” Singh said. “You’ve got to be professional.”

Lin said he also learned how to communicate with clients.

He said working in the field allowed him to build connections and relationships with clients.