Lunch and learn workshops on ecology, gardening and sustainability

by | Mar 10, 2018 | Campus News, Headlines, Life

Students learn about different trees and topics such as ecology, gardening and sustainability at Lunch and Learn sessions worksho series orgarnised by Humber Arboretum.

Harmanjeet Gurm
Biz/Tech Reporter

There are a bunch of strangers Humber Arboretum staff want students to meet.

Humber College organizes regular “Lunch and Learn” events to explore the various species of trees living in the Humber Arboretum.

The Lunch and Learn sessions are a series of free workshops and presentations for Humber College and University of Guelph-Humber students, said Marilyn Campbell, communication assistant for the Arboretum.

“It’s a place where people can have their lunch and learn about the different trees and topics such as ecology, gardening, and sustainability,” she said.

Arboretum education assistant Ken MacGillivary said the program showcases activities at the centre and to inform students, faculty and community members about nature.

“It’s obviously important to have trees on Earth and to protect them, and the first step to protect them is to know them a little bit better,” he said.

“When I first started to learn about trees, people would ask me why I bother learning it at all because all you need to know is that trees are nice,” MacGillivray said.

“In my opinion, if you look at forest as party of strangers, you might think that it’s nice that stranger exist and we don’t want strangers to be chopped down, but once you get to know them as individual, you care more about them, you see them as your friend,” he said.

Campbell said that most people just don’t notice the trees around them and just walk past.

The purpose of these workshops is to provide basic knowledge of trees to people so that they can appreciate the different species in the Arboretum, she said.

Campbell said the tours will continue in future and Arboretum staff hope people will use these events as the starting point to explore and become more aware of the natural habitats that are just a few steps away.