Making the planet smell a tiny bit better

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Life

Kevaughn Wilson, Sports Reporter

Underarm deodorants can smell nice but some of them are pretty stinky for the environment.

Second year Cosmetic Management student Ashley Branco-Sgrignuoli said there are healthier alternatives for most scented deodorants, both for the environment and people.

She was part of a team that hosted a sales and education event at the Humber Spa and Massage Parlour to bring awareness to the harm deodorants can have on the environment.

Rewards for participants provided by the Cosmetics Management program during there Be a helping hand event. (Kevaughn Wilson)

“We have a 100 per cent all natural deodorant that is unscented and better for the environment,” she said. “We have to take more opportunities to help aid the environment as best we can.”

The event had informative pamphlets, fun activities and healthy refreshments for attendees.

Second year Cosmetic Management student Hallie Stothers said the focus of the event was to shed light on an issue that isn’t spoken about enough.

“This may seem like a small issue and most people decide on deodorant based on smell,” she said. “If we can increase the use of more environmentally friendly deodorants, we can have a positive effect on climate change.”

Spinning wheel for prizes for the Cosmetics Management program’s Be a Helping Hand event. (Kevaughn Wilson).

The 100 per cent natural deodorant offered for purchase came with other goodies such as candies and bracelets.

The main interest for passersby was the spinning wheel where participants could win a free deodorant canister.

Second year Cosmetic Management student Hailey Warren said she is pleased with the outcome of the event.

“We had more people turnout than originally expected,” she said. “Good thing we had more samples than we thought we needed.”