Thrifting key to creating a better workspace at home

by | Nov 20, 2020 | A&E

College students deserve a nice place to live, no matter how small. Especially when that space is now not only a home but an office and a classroom, too.

If being stuck in rooms for much longer becomes a reality, and that seems likely, people might as well enjoy the space they’re in. Toronto housing is expensive. For those who moved here for school, or are staying at home to avoid the pricey rent costs, home decor and furniture may not be at the forefront of their minds.

But the way a home is decorated can affect how people work, and changing the atmosphere up every now and then doesn’t have to be pricey.

“I like having a desk, I feel like it’s really important to sit where it isn’t your bed to do work and study, and a comfy chair helps keep me focused, so I don’t go back to my bed,” said Acacia Henderson, a second-year Humber Advertising and Marketing student.

Henderson lives with her parents in Oakville and recently relocated to a larger room in the house to accommodate a workspace for school.

“I filled it up with cheap items, antique markets have cheap and cool stuff you can’t find anywhere else, and it’s also sustainable because you are reusing things instead of buying it new,” she said.

Students are trying to find more affordable ways to furnish their homes. It’s easier than ever to find cheap furniture and decor, with thrift stores and buying apps such as Facebook Marketplace.

Milena Deviatkina, a second-year Business Management student at Humber, recently moved into a home in Toronto with three roommates, all studying at various schools in the city. They are in school online and have to work to make their home as comfortable as possible.

“People put a lot of furniture outside on the streets that is usually in good condition. We just pick it up and clean it, and it works just fine,” Deviatkina said.

“You can decorate your space by finding items second hand and repurposing them for something else. For example, using rugs on the wall instead of paintings can look cool, or using mirrors as decorations to make your space brighter,” she said.

The ambience of a room is not only appealing, it also helps with focusing during study time.

“It’s important to have good lighting, it can help keep you awake during class, it’s really hard to do school work if you have like, only rainbow LED lights in your room.” Henderson said.

Lighting is important to keep focused, and so is colour. A University of Exeter study shows offices with greenery and plants can improve productivity. The 2014 research found people are also happier because of the greenery.

“I think plants are really good to have in your room, they brighten up the space and give you something else to take care of, and they aren’t that expensive,” Henderson said.

Even in the smallest of rooms, like a dorm room or basement apartment, these small changes can all be made in order to make a space more exciting.

As the possibility of a second lockdown looms over us, you may be best served to pick up a couple new decorations for your space.